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Better Business Outcomes is a business consultancy based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Owned by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen, BBO has become a nationwide leader in helping life insurers manage and assist self employed income protection customers. Our clients include all the major Australian life insurers. We work with their rehab teams to assist their self employed customers. 

Mark recently completed a stint as Strategenic's  Principal Strategy & Transformation consultant in Toowoomba.  Mark has returned to BBO and continues to serve his client base in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Dalby, Goondiwindi, Warwick, Chinchilla and Roma. 

BBO services are built upon the management consulting and ERP expertise Mark & Melanie gained during their previous careers working for such companies as Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM and Smorgon Steel. In addition, since founding BBO, Mark and Melanie have made a significant investment in professional training, coaching, mentoring and consulting aimed at mastering the art of delivering highly effective business improvement services.


Better Business Outcomes was founded in late 2006 by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen who immediately moved to Toowoomba. Over the years Better Business Outcomes has progressed from being a well respected business coaching practise into a fully recognised consulting firm. BBO has stood the test of time in the unforgiving Toowoomba market for small to medium business improvement advice and support. In 2014 Mark joined Chris Mills, owner of a rapidly growing Toowoomba based consultancy called Strategenics before returning to BBO in 2016. Melanie has continued to focus on the Life Insurer Services market and has established her reputation as a leader in this field. Mark conducts consulting and coaching for selected clients while working on his SubNow mobile app start-up.


To innovate the way life insurers assist self employed income protection customers.


To facilitate better business outcomes for life insurers and customers.


  Value Description
1 Honesty Personal integrity, truthfulness and delivering on what we promise or commit to in all aspects of our live
2 Better Business Outcomes We are committed to facilitating better business outcomes for business owners, staff, our society, economy and environment.
3 Caring Relentlessly We care relentlessly for the health and safety of ourselves, others and the environment
4 Personal Development Investing in the ongoing personal development of ourselves and others in terms of virtues, skills and knowledge
5 Long Term Profitability Maintaining long term profitable relationships with clients and a strong reputation in the marketplace
6 Flexible Hours Flexible family friendly working hours for owners and staff, time and energy for children, no unexpected deadlines
7 Enjoyable Work Interesting, stimulating, stress free and satisfying work
8 Effectiveness Maximising the returns we gain from the time energy and resources we invest
 9 Geographical Freedom Able to serve clients anywhere in the world, taps into the global workforce, a virtual organisation not tied to any particular location

Our People

Mark Jocumsen - B.Eng (Hons)

Mark Jocumsen is Founder and Managing Director of the Toowoomba based Business Improvement Consultancy, Better Business Outcomes. Originally from Toowoomba, Mark spent 11 years in Brisbane before returning with his family in 2006 to launch BBO. Mark's academic achievements include being awarded Dux of St Mary's Secondary College and gaining First Class Honors in Manufacturing & Materials Engineering from University of Queensland. Mark's forged a successful career in the multinational management consulting firms of Accenture and then PriceWaterhouseCoopers, working on complex business re-engineering projects using SAP software. At 26 he become one of the youngest Managers at Smorgon Steel Tube Mills with responsibility for the improvement of business systems and processes throughout the organisation. This background laid the foundation for Mark to launch his own business and become recognized as one of Toowoomba's leading Business Improvement Consultants. Having worked with literally hundreds of business owners over the past 8 years Mark has a huge depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to small business improvement strategy development and implementation. He has also proved himself an expert business coach, being awarded ProfiTune Business Coach of the Year in 2011.

Mark also enjoys a challenge and in recent years has completed the Gold Coast Marathon and Goondiwindi Hell of the West Half Ironman. He currently plays Div 2 Men's Soccer for Highfields. He is always keen for a round of golf or hit of tennis.

Mark's family however is his highest priority. A highlight of his life was taking his family of five to France, London and Israel for 8 weeks in 2013/14. Three daughters, one dog, 5 chickens, 2 fish and a disobedient ring necked parrot keep him a motivated bread winner.  

Mark strives to apply the spiritual teachings of his Baha'i Faith to all aspect of his life. He avoids promoting selfish capitalist values in business owners because this thinking often leads to feelings of lack, anxiety and depression. He seeks to ensure business owners are motivated by worthy values that bring out the best in themselves and those around them.

Mark Jocumsen - Resume Nov 2013 Mark Jocumsen - Resume Nov 2013 (286 KB)

Melanie Jocumsen - B. Fin Admin, CPA

Melanie is our second Business Improvement Consultant and BBO’s Financial Controller. She has a particular talent for assisting business owners who have suffered a disability or illness. Her deep experience on ERP implementations was gained from more than 10 years working on a wide variety SAP Projects, primarily for PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM but also as an independent contractor. She is a qualified CPA and brings a strong financial focus to our work.

Mel works closely with our insurer clients assisting with Return To Work programs for their self-employed and business owner claimants. She is very dedicated to this market and always ensures she has capacity to take on referrals.

Mel also enjoys keeping fit and healthy, and being mum to a young, busy family.

Melanie Jocumsen Professional Resume - March 2013 Melanie Jocumsen Professional Resume - March 2013 (141 KB)

Better Business Outcomes Awards / Achievements

  • Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards - Finalist 2009
  • Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards - Finalist 2010
  • ProfiTune Business Coach of the Year 2010 (Mark Jocumsen)
  • Australian Institute of Management – Owner Manager of the Year - Regional Finalist 2011 (Mark Jocumsen)

About us:

Better Business Outcomes is a family owned business improvement consultancy based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Founded by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen in 2006, Better Business Outcomes specializes in assisting life insurers manage and assist self employed income protection claimants. We help rehab teams of all the major Australian Life Insurance providers to serve claimants located throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our local business consulting, marketing strategy, business coaching and ERP work is now performed by Strategenics who Mark joined forces with in 2014.

Frequent Questions:

  • Can you work with me in my location?

    Melanie can serve life insure claimants anywhere in Australia or New Zealand as consultations and consulting sessions are conducted primarily by phone.

    Melanie visits Sydney and Melbourne periodically to meet with insurer rehab teams and case managers.

    Through his role in Strategenics, Mark performs on-site consulting in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Darling Downs and Ipswich areas. 

    Internet & phone based coaching and mentoring services are available Australia wide and internationally.

    Mark's public speaking and workshop facilitation is available Australia wide but travel and accommodation costs may apply.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Melanie invoices insurers on a monthly basis for work completed with 14 day terms.

    Mark's payment terms will vary from client to client depending on Strategenics policies.

  • What is your Performance Guarantee?

    Better Business Outcomes values its client relationships and undertakes to conduct our work and relationships at a high professional standard at all times.  We ask you to let us know immediately if any of our work or behaviour is below your expectations.  We will address your concerns at our cost.  If we are unable to satisfy you we will accept your desired fee reduction.

  • What types of businesses or industries do you work with?

    Melanie work's almost exclusively for the major Australian life insurance companies based in Sydney. She is engaged by the rehabilitation teams to help support their self employed income protection claimants re-establish their pre-disability income and come off claim. 

    The majority of Mark's clients are in manufacturing, trades and professional services. Mark seeks motivated, capable entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the growth of their business. Mark also enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector. 


PO Box 1799, Toowoomba QLD 4350

+61 7 4615 5382

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