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Daily Huddle at the Ritz Carlton

A short article that Discuss how Daily Huddle ( Daily Short Meeting ) can be a great productivity and efficiency booster for your business.

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By Mark Jocumsen

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Using Toodledo to GTD

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a method for organizing tasks so that you can focus your entire energy and creativity on completing those tasks in a stress free manner. This method  was developed by David Allen in his book,Getting Things Done. The main principle of GTD is that recording your tasks in a reliable way - using a system that you trust - will free your mind from trying to remember and prioritize stuff. 

This article discuss about the use of a very helpful tool, Toodledo to make sure you can express your ideas in words and record them outside of your head and that you get things done without wasting your energy trying to remember your tasks/ideas.

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By Mark Jocumsen

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The 4P's Are Out. The 4E's Are In.

What is the marketing world today? The consumer has seized control. Audiences have shattered into fragments and slices. Product differences can last minutes, not years. The new ecosystem is millions and billions of unstructured one‐to‐one and peer‐to‐peer conversations...

This article is about how we can adopt to the present day marketing world by replacing the old framework of marketing into a new one.

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Coaching Paradigm- The 4Ps Are Out- The 4Es Are In

By Mark Jocumsen

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Recovery Rate Calculator

This article is a guide to be used in conjunction with our spreadsheet tool, that will allow you to calculate what charge out rate you need to use for each person and what to do if your current charge out rates are too low.

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Coaching Paradigm- Recovery Rate Calculation Guide

By Mark Jocumsen

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How To Write A Great Article

An article about Ric Willmot's guide in writing great articles for publication

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Coaching Paradigm- How to Write Great Articles

By Mark Jocumsen

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Goals, Vision and Direction

A business without clear goals and values is akin to a small sailboat attempting to cross a bay at the mercy of high winds, strong tides and powerful currents, all of which are counteracting each other.

Without a point of reference on the far side of the bay...

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Coaching Paradigm- Goals, Vision and Direction

By Mark Jocumsen

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About us:

Better Business Outcomes is a family owned business improvement consultancy based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Founded by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen in 2006, Better Business Outcomes specializes in assisting life insurers manage and assist self employed income protection claimants. We help rehab teams of all the major Australian Life Insurance providers to serve claimants located throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our local business consulting, marketing strategy, business coaching and ERP work is now performed by Strategenics who Mark joined forces with in 2014.

Frequent Questions:

  • Can you work with me in my location?

    Melanie can serve life insure claimants anywhere in Australia or New Zealand as consultations and consulting sessions are conducted primarily by phone.

    Melanie visits Sydney and Melbourne periodically to meet with insurer rehab teams and case managers.

    Through his role in Strategenics, Mark performs on-site consulting in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Darling Downs and Ipswich areas. 

    Internet & phone based coaching and mentoring services are available Australia wide and internationally.

    Mark's public speaking and workshop facilitation is available Australia wide but travel and accommodation costs may apply.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Melanie invoices insurers on a monthly basis for work completed with 14 day terms.

    Mark's payment terms will vary from client to client depending on Strategenics policies.

  • What is your Performance Guarantee?

    Better Business Outcomes values its client relationships and undertakes to conduct our work and relationships at a high professional standard at all times.  We ask you to let us know immediately if any of our work or behaviour is below your expectations.  We will address your concerns at our cost.  If we are unable to satisfy you we will accept your desired fee reduction.

  • What types of businesses or industries do you work with?

    Melanie work's almost exclusively for the major Australian life insurance companies based in Sydney. She is engaged by the rehabilitation teams to help support their self employed income protection claimants re-establish their pre-disability income and come off claim. 

    The majority of Mark's clients are in manufacturing, trades and professional services. Mark seeks motivated, capable entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the growth of their business. Mark also enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector. 


PO Box 1799, Toowoomba QLD 4350

+61 7 4615 5382

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