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This service is for members of  Rehab or Claims teams of Australian life insurers who have a customer motivated to return to work in a self-employed capacity.

We help you gain additional information on the cusotmer’s situation to determine if self-employment (either commencing a new business or returning to an existing business) is a feasible and worthwhile option. We then work with the customer to develop and implement their business plans, if appropriate.

  • We focus on achieving the best rehab outcome for all parties.
  • We will always keep you informed of the customer's progress towards agreed objectives
  • We will always tell you if we feel there is no cost effective path forward for a customer's self-employment prospects.
  • We are sensitive to customers at what is a vulnerable stage in their lives.

Who we work with

Our consulting, coaching and mentoring skills are used to assist rehab teams at most of the Australian Life Insurers.

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Initial Assessment

Where you have a customer interested in becoming self-employed we take a systematic approach to gather detailed information to assist you determine whether it makes sense for you to direct rehab resources towards supporting the customer's proposed business initiative. A detailed Initial Assessment gathers information on the customer's goals, previous employment and business experience, barriers and issues likely to impact their RTW and detailed information on the proposed business idea.

With your objectives in mind, we then report on the likely success of the proposed business idea based on information provided by the customer. In many cases, it may make more sense for you and the customer if they decide to seek regular employment (at least initially) rather than pursue their business idea.

In cases where the customer was a business owner, then an Initial Assessment focusses on gathering details on the customer's business - both pre-disability and now, their financial goals, key issues, options/opportunities to move forward towards their specified goals, and any proposed next steps. In these cases, the business owner usually has to change their business or their role in the business to accommodate their health circumstances.

Establishing a viable business model

The key is ensuring a viable business model exists (or providing clear evidence if it does not) - and ensuring the customer is engaged in analysing information and making this determination. This may be achieved during the Initial Assessment when we look at options and opportunities for reaching their goals. In some cases, it may need further work in which case we prepare a proposed plan of services for your consideration.

Early Intervention

The key in ensuring a successful outcome in these cases is ‘early intervention’, particularly in the case of musculoskeletal conditions. Mental conditions are more complicated and early intervention is not always possible.

Ongoing Plan of Services

Where we recommend further assistance, a plan of services is prepared for the insurer. Ongoing sessions with the customer take the form of coaching,mentoring or consulting - depending on the insurer’s objectives and the customer's needs.

Note: Most sessions are done over the phone/Skype and all are focussed on progressing the customer towards the desired rehab outcome. We find that often phone/web communication is less confronting and less pressure for customers and we achieve better results than in face-to-face consultation, although this option is available and often used.

Benefits to Insurers

  • Rehab funds/budget can be confidently directed to appropriate self-employed customers.
  • Better Return to Work/Business outcomes are achieved and in shortened timeframes.
  • Better engagement from customers in the return to work/business process.
  • Better case management due to more detailed and accurate information.

Next Steps

To learn more about this service please contact us to arrange a phone conversation with Melanie Jocumsen. She can arrange for you to speak with members of other rehab teams who use our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About us:

Better Business Outcomes is a family owned business improvement consultancy based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Founded by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen in 2007, Better Business Outcomes specializes in business improvement consulting, marketing strategy development, business idea validation, mentoring and ERP Project Management. 

Frequent Questions:

  • Can I view your privacy policy?

    We take privacy of client information very seriously. We comply with the stringent standard expected of any provider to the life insurance industry. Our privacy policy was last updated in February 2018 and can be viewed  by clicking this link.

  • Can you work with me in my location?

    Mark and Melanie serve clients nationally using phone and Skype.

    On-site consulting and ERP Project Management is available in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby and Ipswich areas. 

    Mark's public speaking and workshop facilitation is available Australia wide. 

  • What is your Performance Guarantee?

    Better Business Outcomes values its client relationships and undertakes to conduct our work and relationships at a high professional standard at all times.  We ask you to let us know immediately if any of our work or behaviour is below your expectations.  We will address your concerns at our cost.  If we are unable to satisfy you we will accept your desired fee reduction.

  • What types of businesses or industries do you work with?

    Melanie work's almost exclusively for the major Australian life insurance companies based in Sydney. She is engaged by the rehabilitation teams to help support their self employed income protection claimants re-establish their pre-disability income and come off claim. 

    The majority of Mark's clients are in manufacturing, trades and professional services. Mark seeks motivated, capable entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the growth of their business. Mark also enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector. 


PO Box 1799, Toowoomba QLD 4350

+61 413 101 944

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