Strategic Planning and Team Engagement

What is strategic planning?

Clarity of purpose and direction are a hallmark of all effective leaders and successful businesses. Strategic planning is the process of deciding where your business needs to go and how it will get there, then effectively engaging your team in the pursuit of these goals.

BBO approach to strategic planning

Better Business Outcomes is highly skilled at making strategic planning easy and effective. Our strategic planning process is based on clarifying and articulating the “unwritten” vision, mission & values of the business and then agreeing on strategic objectives to more effectively align staff and manage resources.

Note that if the vision for the business is not readily apparent, then a BBO Marketing Strategy Development project should precede the development of the business vision. This process includes market research, internal & external analysis and the development of a new strategic direction for the business based on the findings. This is likely to influence the vision for the organisation.

Our approach draws upon many great business minds, in particular Peter Rowe, Founder of ProfiTune Business Systems, author of “Solving the People Puzzle” and long time mentor and coach to Better Business Outcomes.

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Contents of your strategic plan

Your Strategic Plan will contain:

The Need:

  • The need/needs you perceive and plan to satisfy
  • How you will verify and quantify “the need” you perceive.


  • A clear statement of what you want your business to become. The “Picture of Perfection” about how it could or will be. (Single sentence, understandable to a 12 year old & recallable at gunpoint. Laurie Beth Jones, “The Path”)


  • A clear promise to yourself about what products and services you will provide, and how you will provide them, to achieve your Vision. (The action path to your Vision.)


  • A clear statement of what is most important to you in the context of achieving your Vision. (The boundaries of the behaviors used in pursuit of your Vision.)

Strategic Goals (Smart Numbers)

  • The measurable results needed to advance your Mission and achieve your Vision (Sales, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Productivity, Efficiency, Market Share, Finance).

Strategic Plan

  • Quantified and dated enterprise wide goals
  • Aligned subgoals for each area of the business with sufficient detail to ensure coordination between areas but broad enough to encourage inspiration, initiative and innovation.

Team Engagement

Better Business Outcomes is focused on producing measurable results, not documents to sit on a shelf. We therefore keep things simple, practical and endeavour to engage staff in the strategic planning process to improve the quality of the plans and team commitment towards their realisation. This usually involves a series of staff workshops in which the vision, vision, values and strategic goals are refined and agreed upon.

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About us:

Better Business Outcomes is a family owned business improvement consultancy based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Founded by Mark and Melanie Jocumsen in 2007, Better Business Outcomes specializes in business improvement consulting, marketing strategy development, business idea validation, mentoring and ERP Project Management. 

Frequent Questions:

  • Can I view your privacy policy?

    We take privacy of client information very seriously. We comply with the stringent standard expected of any provider to the life insurance industry. Our privacy policy was last updated in February 2018 and can be viewed  by clicking this link.

  • Can you work with me in my location?

    Mark and Melanie serve clients nationally using phone and Skype.

    On-site consulting and ERP Project Management is available in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby and Ipswich areas. 

    Mark's public speaking and workshop facilitation is available Australia wide. 

  • What is your Performance Guarantee?

    Better Business Outcomes values its client relationships and undertakes to conduct our work and relationships at a high professional standard at all times.  We ask you to let us know immediately if any of our work or behaviour is below your expectations.  We will address your concerns at our cost.  If we are unable to satisfy you we will accept your desired fee reduction.

  • What types of businesses or industries do you work with?

    Melanie work's almost exclusively for the major Australian life insurance companies based in Sydney. She is engaged by the rehabilitation teams to help support their self employed income protection claimants re-establish their pre-disability income and come off claim. 

    The majority of Mark's clients are in manufacturing, trades and professional services. Mark seeks motivated, capable entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the growth of their business. Mark also enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector. 


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